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December 2011 DAG report to the City of Denton

1.      Background
The practice of drilling for natural gas using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in shale formations underneath urban areas has created significant controversy. Uncertainties and disagreements persist about the implications for the environment, public health, property values, mineral rights, and more. In light of these concerns, the city of Denton, TX is reviewing its drilling regulations with the goal of creating a revised ordinance. The Denton Stakeholder Drilling Advisory Group (DAG) seeks to assist city leaders in this process. In keeping with the principle that liberal democracy is government by discussion, the DAG aims to foster a transparent, inclusive, civil, and balanced conversation.  
2.      Mission
The DAG shall advise City Council on the creation of a new drilling ordinance. In connection with its advisory role, the mission of the DAG includes the following functions:
a)      To develop a set of recommendations for the Denton gas well drilling ordinance. In this task, the DAG may choose to offer City Council a variety of options, each backed by justifications, rather than attempt to reach a single consensus position.
b)      To provide a forum for civic conversation among diverse stakeholders that elicits, articulates, and assesses all relevant factual claims and normative positions. This will enable citizens to develop more informed judgments about urban drilling.
c)      To serve as a clearinghouse of information for policymakers and citizens by collecting and making available resources on the technical, legal, economic, ethical, environmental, cultural, social, and other dimensions of urban drilling.
3.      Membership
Adam Briggle (Chair)
Mitzie Fiedler
Cathy McMullen
Ginger Simonson
Ed Soph
Sharon Wilson
Phyllis Wolper
Roddy Wolper

Membership seeks to represent a diverse range of stakeholders, including but not limited to: neighborhood advocate, public health professional, engineer, industry representative, attorney, real estate professional, natural scientist, economist, parent of school-age child, mineral rights owner, public policy professional, student, drilling operator, and member of a religious organization.
4.      Agenda
To fulfill its mission, the DAG shall hold a series of structured, public meetings that may include presentations and testimony from invited speakers as well as public comments and discussion. Each meeting shall have a topical or thematic focus with the goal of enabling the DAG to fulfill its advisory, deliberative, and informational functions. Proposed meeting topics and themes include:
a)      Gas well drilling, regulations, and controversies in Denton: how did we get here and what needs to be done?
b)      The corporate and regulatory landscapes of shale gas development: who makes which decisions? 
c)      Ordinances adopted by other North Texas municipalities: what can we learn from our neighbors?  
d)     Environmental and health impacts 1: air quality and gas wells
e)      Environmental and health impacts 2: water and gas wells
f)       Economic impacts: who benefits and who loses?
g)      The bigger picture: consumption, community, and the way we live
h)      Working session 1: Is responsible urban drilling possible? What would it look like? – creating a draft ordinance
i)        Working session 2: What is the right thing to do? – debating the draft ordinance