Monday, August 27, 2012

Fracking too Important to Foul Up

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Shale Gas Pioneer George P. Mitchell have an editorial in the Washington Post that attempts to give voice to the "sensible center" in a polarized debate by advocating "common-sense regulations." They see five main reasons to support fracking: 1. stabilizing and lowering energy prices; 2. creating jobs; 3. reducing dependence on coal; 4. allowing greater integration of renewables into the grid; and 5. reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

They are giving money through their philanthropies to support responsible state-level regulations:
"We will encourage better state regulation of fracking around five key principles:
l Disclosing all chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process;
l Optimizing rules for well construction and operation;
l Minimizing water consumption, protecting groundwater and ensuring proper disposal of wastewater;
l Improving air pollution controls, including capturing leaking methane, a potent greenhouse gas; and
l Reducing the impact on roads, ecosystems and communities."

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