Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Timeline Set for New Ordinance -- Oct. 1 Kick Off

It looks like Denton will have a new ordinance in place sometime in December, 2012. This is according to a timeline posted by City Councilmember Kevin Roden (scroll down a bit to find the Phase II Ordinance Revision section...looks like he scanned it into his blog).

I also just received confirmation from Vicki Oppenheim, member of the Gas Well Task Force, that indeed October 1st will be the first meeting for the Task Force. The draft of the new ordinance will be revealed at that meeting (6 p.m. at City Hall) and then posted to the City website for public comment. The Task Force will have another chance to comment on it on Oct. 22nd (6 p.m. at City Hall). Then, the ordinance will move on to Planning and Zoning and City Council for a variety of closed sessions, work sessions, and public hearings.

This is our opportunity to shape this important policy. I encourage everyone to show up at City Hall on Oct. 1st and stay actively invovled through to the final vote in December...and beyond. 

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