Friday, September 14, 2012

Will we get sued?

There's not much time now to reflect on the LWV event last night (rushing to class). But two points stand out. First, the crowd was almost entirely opposed to fracking in Dallas. It was reminiscent of the mood generally found in Denton. Second, I sat next to a lawyer who has worked lots with the oil and gas industry. He informed me that Denton can make an ordinance so strong that it would effectively ban drilling. That would be legal (i.e., he didn't think we could be successfully sued) as long as the City of Denton did not have any current leases with operators. Now that's interesting news from someone coming largely from an O&G perspective. I know it is just one conversation - but it makes me wonder about how much power our city actually has....

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  1. You only have to look to Southlake to understand the attorney's point.
    How much power does our city have? as much as our elective officials are willing to give away.