Monday, March 25, 2013

Why we should oppose HB 2828

If you don't think pipelines are a big issue around here, then take a look at this image from a TX Railroad Commisison query done by Ginger Simonson. It shows pipelines in Denton County. Note that the query limits results to just the first there are likely more pipelines not shown.  

This is clearly a land-use issue of epic proportions. Yet HB 2828 will strip cities of their power to regulate pipelines. In so doing, it hands power to the state thereby misidentifying this as purely a minerals development issue.
Here are some reasons to oppose HB 2828.

- Giving the TX RRC full authority to regulate the placement of gas wells and pipelines, will basically negate a city’s ability to its manage growth and development.
- Pipelines require easements and access that remove “buildable” space from a community.
- It will also put private property at increased risk of being condemned by eminent domain if the TX RRC is given the authority to decide what a common carrier is.
- Pipelines and compressor stations are widely regarded as some of the most dangerous elements of the gas industry. Muncipalities are responsible for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of their citizens and thus should be allowed some significant say in the governance of pipelines and compressor stations.


  1. We should be gaining "more" control of these pipelines rather than "less." This is one of the most closely guarded secrets with the build-out of all of this gas drilling in our communities.

  2. Please also check out HB 100. Rep. Taylor, House District 66 again, proposed another bill and his website indicates that HB 100, Majority Rights Protection, establishes a legal framework to protect the property rights of Texas oil field owners. This bill, however, only further empowers the majority of oil field property owners to manage the field. The majority owner already has power to "force pool" other minority property owners, and this bill will further erode individual property owner’s ability to negotiate a fair mineral lease offer. The proposal is counterproductive for protecting most property owners. If coupled with his proposed HB 1496, then these two bills would essentially devalue surface property for the benefit of the mineral owner.