Wednesday, October 23, 2013

City Withdraws Lawsuit Against EagleRidge

I have just heard from a City Councilmember that the City of Denton has withdrawn their lawsuit against EagleRidge. This means that there will be no court date next Wednesday (Oct. 30). REPEAT: Do not go to court on the 30th - the case will not be heard. I have been told that there are good reasons for this move and to stay tuned to upcoming developments - in particular, please note that there is a special called City Council meeting next week where this issue will be discussed. That meeting does not appear to be posted to their website yet. I am going to paste the non-suit here (their motion to withdraw the lawsuit). Apologies for formatting, my work computer is acting up on me: NO. 2013-30817-211 THE CITY OF DENTON, TEXAS, Plaintiff, vs. EAGLERIDGE ENERGY, LLC AND EAGLERIDGE OPERATING, LLC, Defendant § § § § § § § § IN THE DISTRICT COURT DENTON COUNTY, TEXAS 211 TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT NOTICE OF NON-SUIT WITHOUT PREJUDICE TO THE HONORABLE JUDGE OF SAID COURT: COMES NOW City of Denton ("City") and hereby gives notice to this Court and to all parties to this suit that Plaintiff is taking a non-suit without prejudice, pursuant to Texas Rules of Civil Procedure 162, of its entire case against Defendants effective immediately on the filing of this Notice. Defendants have made no affirmative claims against the City in this case at this time. NOTICE OF NON-SUIT WITHOUT PREJUDICE 07648-003/285223.doc Page


  1. so we continue to bend over and take it..

  2. It does not look promising for this neighborhood--Denton probably sold out again.