Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Plea for Help: Can we stop the fracking at Vintage?

I was copied on this letter sent to City Council Member Jim Engelbrecht from a resident in the Vintage/S. Bonnie area. He has graciously allowed me to post it here (in an anonymized form). Please help to spread his message. The least we can do is magnify the voices of our fellow Dentonites -- of these families and their children:

Dear Jim,

My wife, daughter, and I are residents in the DR Horton development (Meadows at Hickory Creek) off of Vintage. My wife is also seven months pregnant.

I understand that our mayor declared that we have no problem with our city ordinances concerning gas drilling, just a problem with enforcement. If this is so:

1) What enforcements will take place for both wells near our development, which are clearly closer than the "no closer than the 1200 ft." part of the ordinance?

2) If the 1200 ft. ordinance doesn't apply here due to loopholes regarding preexisting wells (for one reason), how is there not a problem with the ordinance? Furthermore, why even make an ordinance with a 1200 ft. distance restriction unless it IS a threat to the health, safety, and rights to quiet enjoyment of a resident's property??

Halloween was a joyous sight, as many young families moved to this area at Meadows a Hickory Creek. This area is LITTERED with children of all ages. The noise and air pollution are too close to the families here. You must have the courage to do whatever is necessary to get these wells away from the development. Although I am a fervent supporter of drilling for energy, I strongly support the use of a moratorium for drilling in the city of Denton until, at the least, the ordinances can be adjusted. From what I understand for the future growth of Denton, this will only continue to be a problem in the years to come.

If you haven't visited the area, you must. Would you take your family and live 250 ft. from the fracking wells here? If not, would you expect DR Horton to disclose that they built by gas wells that weren't protected by the ordinances? Because they didn't.

Beyond the simple legality of the issues in this situation is the issue of humanity. Are you prepared to answer to the hundreds of residents, children, and unborn babies who have been and will be affected by the pollution and the symptoms that have/will result from these wells? Will you, in good conscience, be able to sleep at night considering that all of this will happen under your watch?

Please, you must act. Protect the citizens of Denton. Vote for a moratorium, enforce the regulations, or tell the mayor that there IS a problem with the ordinances and fix them NOW. If not, come live at the otherwise wonderful community at Meadows at Hickory Creek and experience what we have experienced. We bet you will change your mind.


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