Sunday, February 23, 2014

What We Are Fighting For

Some think the initiative to ban fracking is all about what we are AGAINST. But this is really about what we stand FOR. It is a positive campaign – we stand for the health, safety, and integrity of Denton.

But that’s too abstract. Here’s what really keeps me motivated to keep up the fight: it’s the thought that a year from now a child – someone just like my daughters – will go outside in her neighborhood in our town to ride her bike and she won’t have frack trucks nearby pumping out diesel, silica, and other chemicals. She’ll come inside for dinner breathing clean air with no coughing. She’ll drink clean water not threatened by toxins (neither known nor non-disclosed). She’ll sleep soundly in the night with no interruptions. She’ll grow up healthy and do her own part to make Denton and the world better.

About 30,000 new families are going to move to Denton in the near future. Many of them will end up in situations like we’ve seen at Vintage and S. Bonnie, where the children couldn’t even go outside to trick or treat at Halloween. We’re fighting for a Denton where kids are safe in their own neighborhoods.

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