Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Industry Waging War

One way to see shale gas politics is in combative terms ("war" and "battle") - usually with the lines drawn between environmental activists/communities on one side and industry groups on the other. This isn't the only wayt to see things (and probably not the most hopeful), but it has some truth. Here are four articles I saw recently that cover some of the spectrum of battles being waged:

1. Battlfield: Municipal Ordinances
Arlington has just been sued regarding its new annual fee on gas wells for emergency response preparedness.

2. Battlefield: National Politics
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discusses the forced resignation of Dr. Al Armendariz.

3. Battlefield: Pipelines and Emininent Domain
A New York Times article discusses the TransCanada pipeline and one Texas farmer's resistance to it.

4. Battlefield: Non-disclosure Agreements
A Truthout piece on non-disclosure and sealed documents as hindering our ability to evaluate the risks associated with fracking.

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