Friday, October 18, 2013

City Files Restraining Order: EagleRidge Drilling Without Permit

I just heard from a high-ranking Denton official that EagleRidge is drilling in the S. Bonnie/Vintage area without a City permit. The City of Denton filed a restraining order against EagleRidge today demanding them to cease and desist all drilling operations. A judge dismissed the order. Now I think it is set to go to court in the next 10-14 days. This is breaking news - stay tuned for further developments.

MORE NEWS**** Hot tip from another City Official:

"It's important to note that the judge in this case, the one who dismissed it, is also an elected official.  Even in Texas courts, this is all about politics. Here's the guy..."


  1. This is very good news. But I have to ask why they were allowed to carry on for so long without the permit.

    Is Darren Groth paying any attention at all? Isn't this what he is paid a high salary in taxpayer dollar to do?

    1. Who is Darren Groth and what is he paid a high salary in taxpayer dollars to do? Is he the high-ranking Denton official or the "another City Official?" If not, is he paid to do restraining order filing? Do you mean that he works for EagleRidge and is paid taxpayer dollars or is EagleRidge a taxpayer funded company? Please help us understand who Darren Groth is and how he is connected.

  2. The judges also set the county wmelection rules. No one should run uncontested. All of these races are vitally important to the people of Texas.


  4. Interesting that this link contains no way to contact this particular judge other than the general phone

  5. Reminds me of a certain lawsuit a few years ago, City of Denton vs Reichmann Petroleum.

  6. I bet the judge doesn't have anything as disrupting or dangerous near his $300K+ home in Denton. He'd sing another tune if his health and welfare were on the line.

  7. Darren Groth held a local meeting for residents in our neighborhood. Unbelievable that this point was never brought up!!

  8. Bunch of tree huggers. Drill baby, drill!!

  9. I'm far from being a tree huger. The new well is directly behind my house, unlike a lot of people we spend alot of time outside. The fumes from the rig are overpowering most of the time. Out house now vibrates and hums in areas, we cant open windows, we have to sleep with a fan going to drown out the noises, Eyes water etc..

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  12. I had no idea that you could file a restraining order on businesses like this! That is quite interesting to know. Constantly being harassed is something nobody wants to deal with.
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