Monday, March 3, 2014

Video: A Failed Strategy -- Fracking Regulations in Denton

Here is a 6 minute video that explains Denton's regulatory approach to fracking - the compatibility strategy - and why it has been a failure. It shows how it is time for a change...time for a Frack Free Denton.


  1. It is easy to see why the state and the city of Denton don't want to stop fracking. Texas' economy would be lost without it:

    LA became the most recent state to ban fracking.

  2. Hi Adam, wasn't sure how to get in touch but I wanted to contact you regarding a potential guest post. My name is Ruchir Shah, and I am the Founder of, a Drilling Safety E-Learning company. Would love to write a guest post about the role that better safety training and money spent on safety can play in alleviating (some) of the dangers of fracking.