Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yes, We Can Say No

The industry-sponsored North Texans for Natural Gasthinks that because we use natural gas we should not be concerned about the negative impacts of fracking in Denton.
Here’s their logic: if you use plastics and electricity or grill steaks, then you must accept the cancer-causing air emissions, waste of clean water, and noise of fracking in your neighborhood.
Frack Free Denton is not a movement against natural gas. Rather, it is against the permitting of toxic industrial activities near homes, schools, and parks. It is a movement for safe and healthy communities and people’s rights to peacefully enjoy their property.
With the ban on fracking, the citizens of Denton are taking a stand for safe and healthy neighborhoods. And the frackers’ response is to tell us that we have to accept their poisonous activities because natural gas is used to make lacrosse sticks!?
That’s how out of touch they are. They just want us to be meek and compliant consumers, not active citizens protecting our children, our property, and the future of our town.
According to their absurd logic, as long as we use natural gas we cannot reject any part of its development (even one process in one town) no matter how dangerous it is. If that was the way we did things, we’d still be insulating our schools with asbestos.
Frack Free Denton is all about local self-determination: the people bearing the negative impacts of hydraulic fracturing should be the ones to decide. We get to choose what Denton will be. And we’ve chosen to cultivate the nation’s largest community garden and to get a nation-leading 40% of our energy portfolio from renewable, wind-generated electricity.
Denton has long been shaped by thoughtful citizens. Thanks to their leadership, we are already walking down a path toward independence from the industry’s unsustainable and harmful products.


  1. My experience with Industry mouthpieces and their fan clubs has been an exercise in extremes: Either take your cancer and poison like a patriot, or it's the dark ages, you choose. There's no in between, there's no middle ground whatsoever, and there's certainly no need for Industry to 'improve' their methods or standards-and the logic behind that is-We've been doing it safely since the Truman administration, and we've drilled millions of wells with 'few' incidents.

    The problem is, Industry contradicts itself; On one hand, they claim it's been done safely since day one and there's no need to improve the methodology; On the other, TV commercials claim that Industry is "Now using 'new technology' to reduce and eliminate leaks and emissions". Which is it?

    But this is the same group that also airs tv and radio commercials featuring "Chad", an Industry worker, stating he has concerns for air quality (and mentions that 'new technology' to reduce air emissions) but then also at the end of the commercial, states that he "Not only works here, I live here", as he pulls his white Ford F-150 into his driveway, greeted by his darling wife, babe in arms standing under a waving American flag.

    The troubling fact here, is that out of the 'millions' of allegedly safely drilled wells, not one of them was drilled in Celina, TX. There is no production whatsoever in Celina. None.

    Maybe there's a Celina, North Dakota they are referring to.

    Regardless of any claims of safety, technology, new or otherwise, every community should have the power-power of the people, that is, to decide for themselves how they want to live as a community, and what is permitted and what is not permitted.

    Consider this: If drilling really is perfectly safe, and there's little risk of emissions, leaks, spills, noisy compressor stations, threat of home and property devaluation, health risks, etc., why are there no Industry executives (or very many proponents, either) living with it to prove to us that actually are living with it as part of their advertisements and claims?

    1. Tim, thanks for the great response...very good point about the extremism and the contradictions.

    2. Does the fact that the Parr family is staying in their home prove there is nothing to worry about? Does the fact that some companies settled with the Parrs prove they are doing something wrong?
      When can we expect to receive your support for closing Acme Brick, Safety Kleen & United Copper? Doesn't the fact that they have had previous problems w. the EPA prove they are bad corporate citizens?

    3. Indeed, there are many battles to fight when it comes to improving our environmental footprint. I'm taking this one on now and it takes a lot of my time. I'd welcome you to work on other fronts and would offer whatever support I can.

    4. The Parr's have forced Aruba, the awful gas production company who leases the Wrights minerals, to install equipment to make there wells safer. The Parr family did not want to leave the home of their dreams so the fought, and won, to make Aruba install equipment to reduce emissions on the gas well production sites around their home.
      The companies know they did something wrong. These are the same terrible companies Tim and Christine sued for ruining their property.

    5. Not true! Lawsuit did not force Aruba to install equipment & fact that some companies settled does not mean they did anything wrong. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of our legal system knows this is true!

    6. Oh, do tell how you know that, Ben.


      Wouldn't it mention somewhere that Aruba had to install equipment? When will you be filing your lawsuit?

  2. In your last paragraph, who are the thoughtful citizens you reference whose leadership you are grateful for?

    1. I'm talking about the folks in particular who have made the community garden and who made the 40% wind power possible - but also all the other great citizens of Denton who are doing things like working to build a children's museum, stocking food shelves, mentoring at risk kids, and on and on.

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